In 2017 we made the change to digital Coggins tests rather than using paper forms. You will be able to access and download your Coggins results online once the test results are available, on We will need to collect your email address for registration on this site and we need to obtain 3 pictures of your horse. If you wish, you may take the pictures and email them as small image sizes to us, as long as they meet the required criteria. Otherwise we will need to take the pictures of your horse on the day of our visit. If you would rather not deal with email registration and accessing the website please let us know and we can arrange to have a copy mailed to you.

Horses need to be clean in order to see markings for pictures. The pictures need to include the whole horse – nose, ears, tail – and legs need to be staggered (not square – so we can see all four legs individually in the photo to document markings) – one picture from each side of the horse and another from the front of the horse so facial markings can be seen. The horse needs to take up about 90% of the picture without having people prominently visible in the picture. When taking pictures they need to be oriented so that the sun/major ambient light is behind the camera. Once these pictures are uploaded, we won’t need to repeat them each year. Coggins tests in following years will only require drawing the blood because we will be using the previous pictures. The veterinarian can take the pictures of your horse during their visit, but if you wish to submit your own pictures, that can be arranged as well if they meet all requirements.