The cold laser system that we use at Stepping Stones Veterinary Wellness is the Avant LZ30X system with special additional homeopathic and veterinary treatment settings. It is a Class 3B laser that operates at bright red and infrared settings. Cold laser therapy can be useful in countless situations. The wavelength of light emitted by the laser is one that triggers healing in damaged cells. It can be useful in cases of pain by decreasing inflammation, increasing blood flow and circulation, and improving wound healing. Photons emitted by the laser interact with cells in the body and trigger the mitochondria inside the cell to respond, improving healing on a cellular level. This is another modality that can help activate the body’s own healing mechanisms. Treatments are often incorporated with chiropractic adjustments. An average treatment session lasts 6 minutes.

Dr Hirsch uses the cold laser very commonly as an adjunctive treatment that helps support her chiropractic adjustments. The muscles that surround the spine and its joints play an integral role as well. Many of these subluxations may be present for quite some time and muscle memory and spasm directly influences the patient’s ability to hold an adjustment. By helping the muscles with cold laser treatment after a chiropractic adjustment, the adjustment is more likely to hold and the patient is less likely to be sore.