If you have an equine or camelid emergency please call: 856.794.3580 to have the veterinarian on call paged.

No one likes to think about having an emergency with their horse, but it’s good to know that Stepping Stones Veterinary Wellness veterinarians provide help 24/7/365 to clients. Surveys show that providing emergency service on the farm where their horse lives is one of the most important things that horse owners look for when choosing a veterinarian. In pouring rain, summer heat or the cold of winter with snow-covered roads, our veterinarians are there when you need us!

Our veterinarians deal with a multitude of emergency situations. Some of our most common include: Colics, lacerations, eye injuries or other ocular problems, chokes, horses that are down and unable to get up, severe sudden lameness, cellulitis, loss of appetite, and allergic reactions. Difficulties with foaling (dystocias) are also absolutely emergency situations but fortunately are not quite as frequent in our practice.

Emergency fees apply to come out to your barn when you need emergency care. These emergency fees apply in addition to those for services, medications, and trip charges. Starting in 2018 we have adjusted our emergency fee structure and are offering a discount for horses who have been seen for routine preventative care in the last 24 months. Please see the Emergency Policy FAQ and Emergency Voucher Letter for more details.