Essential oil use in animals can be controversial in regards to safety. Cats and birds are especially sensitive. Some animals have become very ill or died after exposure to some lower grade essential oils. However, veterinary grade essential oils can greatly enrich the health and well being of our pets as well as ourselves when used properly. Dr Hirsch recommends using only products from the animalEO line for animal use, as they are the only ones tested and thoroughly evaluated specifically with animal safety in mind.

Dr Melissa Shelton is a holistic veterinarian in Minnesota who is an expert in veterinary use of essential oils. She has tirelessly invested in understanding the safety and efficacy of essential oil use in animals of many species and has created her own tested and branded essential oil line. She has rigorous safety standards and tests all of the oils she offers prior to them being made available to the public. Dr Shelton’s new edition of her Animal Desk Reference book is due to be published in spring of 2018, and will be an excellent resource for lots of detailed uses of essential oils as a holistic treatment modality for our loved pets. For more information regarding her essential oil line and recommendations please see her website: