In 2017 our practice added more support staff in the form of veterinary assistants. This allows us to have some appointments where the doctor arrives with an assistant who can help with the appointment. This has been especially helpful for and appreciated by some of our clients who have physical limitations. We don’t have an assistant every day for every doctor, so it’s certainly still common for doctors to travel alone for many appointments. If you would like to book an appointment where we are able to bring an assistant with us for your visit, please let us know when you discuss scheduling your appointment with us.


Farrier Film Special
25% OFF Farrier Films!
– Radiographs of the hoof can be invaluable to our farriers for ensuring ideal balance when trimming and shoeing.
– Special price includes 4 views for $165.
– Lateral and DP views of both front feet
– Images sent electronically to you and your farrier

These promotions may be combined for a savings of over $100!

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SSVW has begun to implement a reminder system, where we send an email reminder to clients when their horses are due for preventative care (primarily oral exam/dentistry and vaccinations). This helps us communicate succinctly via email about the need for an upcoming appointment. The client can then either email, send a message to us via the request appointment link on the website or call to request an appointment.

New Equipment: Oral endoscope!

In the fall of 2017 we added our oral endoscope as a new piece of practice equipment. This tool allows us to identify, diagnose, and treat problems in the horse’s mouth earlier and more accurately. We can find periodontal disease, cavities or tooth fractures, and ensure complete extraction when a tooth needs to be removed. We can take still pictures or video with this tool. It also is phenomenal to be able to show clients what is going on inside the mouth via the camera screen – so much easier than craning and twisting to try to get at the right angle to see in the horse’s mouth directly! See below for a couple of examples of pictures of before and after cleaning out an area of feed packing between cheek teeth.

Additional dentistry services and discounts

In 2017 we offered our first Dental Discount Months, which were October and November. During these months, dental services were 10% off. We were happy to provide discounted dental services to a number of equine patients during this time.

Annual oral examination and teeth floating are an important part of a preventative care regimen for horses of all ages and disciplines. Regular examinations allow us to catch problems EARLY and prevent painful, costly issues down the line!

Area Discount Days

Area Discount Days
Area Discount Days are returning in February! Please note we plan to continue area days on a regular monthly schedule (ie. First Tuesday of the month will be North, 2nd Tuesday of the month will be South) to help you plan to take advantage of this discount!

Give us a call at (856) 300-7122 to schedule your appointment. More detailed description of area days below.

Stepping Stones Veterinary Wellness will be offering a series of dates for preventative health care in each of four geographic areas as a way to help our smaller stables and individual owners. By organizing our visits in this way, we will be able to offer a 25% discount on your call fee. We are committed to keeping important preventative care affordable in these tough economic times. In return, we must ask for payment at the time the services are provided.

These special dates are for routine preventative care only, like vaccinations, Coggins tests, wellness exams, and dentistry. Routine screening tests for ACTH/insulin, Lyme titers, fecal egg counts or CBC/Chemistry profiles can be done at this time as well. We want your horses to have the best possible care, which with complex medical problems takes time and thorough examination. These appointments are not intended for exploration of medical problems or lameness issues.

One of our veterinarians will be participating on each of these dates. If you are interested in participating in one of our Area Days, please call our office and leave a message.

2018 Financial Policy

Our financial policy is being updated for 2018. Payment will be expected at time of service and we accept cash, check, credit card, PayPal or CareCredit. Clients with excellent longstanding payment history who use us regularly may maintain the option of being billed only with a signed credit card authorization form on file. Please see the Financial Policy FAQ for more details.

2018 Emergency Care

Our emergency fee structure is changing, with a discount for horses who have been seen for routine preventative care in the last 24 months. We continue to be available for your equine emergency needs 24/7/365. Please see the Emergency Policy FAQ and Emergency Voucher Letter for more details.

Now offering care for goats!

We are now seeing goats for scheduled appointments! We strongly encourage our goat clients to schedule an annual wellness exam for their goats in addition to routine vaccinations. This gives us time to discuss deworming, foot care, nutrition or other concerns. We find that regular preventative care and proper management in our goat patients greatly decreases potential emergencies. We do not guarantee emergency coverage for goats, as goat work is subject to availability of specific doctors. Should you require emergency care, please call us to check if a goat-specific doctor is on call at that time.

Equine Microchipping

Does your horse need a MICROCHIP? For 2018, horses competing for points in USEF competitions must be microchipped. This is a quick procedure that can be done during a routine appointment. Click here to learn more.


Our practice will be hiring for another veterinary assistant position in 2018. If you are someone who wants to be a positive part of our team, please reach out to us to pursue further discussion of the position. General duties would include: being efficient , courteous, concerned and helpful to veterinarians and clients; providing technical assistance to the veterinarians; being able to restrain animals and assist with patient treatments; assisting with lab sample preparation and handling; restocking supplies; assisting with inventory management; recording and inputting client information and transactions and keeping the work vehicle neat, clean and organized. If interested please send an email to: